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General Business

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The Law Office of Cynthia S. Andrews in Rochester Hills, Michigan has over 20 years of experience helping small businesses and individuals create and continue successful businesses.

General Business for small business or the individual:

  • General Contracts

  • Legal Advice for Small Business

  • Legal Advice for the Individual

  • Business Formation

  • Business Winding Down

Real Estate — Buyer/Seller

  • Commercial

  • Residential

Rental and Cohabitation Agreements

  • Rental of apartment or home

  • Room rental in a home

  • Shared house expense

  • Shared house rental agreement

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Who Needs a Business Attorney?

You need a business attorney if you have your own business. Cynthia S. Andrews will advocate for your small business legal needs!

Starting A New Business

Congratulations on starting a new company in the Rochester Hills, MI area. A small business attorney can assist with any of the following business matters:

  1. Formation - Make sure you start your new business on the right foot by working closely with a business formation attorney.

  2. Transactions - Protect your company during every business transaction with help from an experienced attorney.

  3. Dissolution - When it's time to move on, an attorney can help you dissolve your business legally.

The Law Office of Cynthia S. Andrews also handles landlord-tenant law issues, such as those involving drafting lease applications, lease agreements, and cohabitation agreements. Count on the Law Office of Cynthia S. Andrews to guide you through these and other real estate processes.

The Law Office of Cynthia S. Andrews is proud to serve the needs of businesses throughout the greater Rochester Hills, Michigan area.