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We've drafted wills for many of our clients in Rochester Hills, MI

If you're living without a will, you're in dangerous territory. Wills benefit everyone, even people who live alone. Without a will, you have no control over what happens to your belongings when you pass.

The Law Office of Cynthia S. Andrews in Rochester Hills, MI offers last will and testament services. Beyond the basics of detailing what will happen with your belongings, Attorney Andrews can provide guidance on how to include burial requests or letters to your family.

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Why you need a will

Why you need a will

Drafting a will is a necessity for everyone. In the event of an untimely death, a will can:

  • Clarify inheritances
  • Detail burial arrangements
  • Bequeath specific keepsakes and belongings

Wills can make a loved one's passing easier on families by keeping things simple. The last thing you want your family to worry about it is dividing property or dealing with money. Make this difficult time easier - speak with a lawyer in Rochester Hills, MI today to draft your will.